order online food for delivery to your home and hotel or working place

  • Customers personal information will be used only internally within the restaurant . When members register their accounts on the e-commerce exchange ctiaspire.com , the informations of food order and personal info of the following purposes:
  • Notifying about the goods delivery and customer support
  • Verifying the reliability of members
    • Sending the information of discounts, promotions if requested by the members.
    • Providing the payment gateway with the necessary information to carry out the transaction if the members choose online payment (later to activate online payments ). 
    • The members can change, view or delete their information by singing in the section “My Account ” on the e-commerce exchange Vietnammm.com or sending us an email to the email address info@ctiaspire.com for assistance.
    • To protect the order food online and delivery exchange ctiaspire.com and other third parties: We only disclose the account information and other personal information when we certainly believe that the disclosure of such information is legal and for the purpose of protecting the service users of the e-commerce exchange ctiaspire.com and other third parties.
  •                 In the remaining cases, we will give specific notices to the members if we have to disclose the information to any third party and such information will be only revealed upon                        the agreement of the members.